Our most important goal is to listen to the needs of consumers and to respond with top quality bakery products.

The company Don Don has been operating in Serbia since 2008 and since then, with constant investments, it has expanded its business to the entire region.

We have production plants throughout Serbia in: Pančevo, Subotica, Novi Sad, Zrenjanin, Pudarci, Jakovo, Leskovac, Kraljevo, Kragujevac, Paraćin, Velika Plana, Niš and Zaječar.

We use 2 mills for storing grain and grinding wheat – in Feketić and Zrenjanin.

Our bakeries produce over 300,000 fresh loaves a day, and the frozen program has one of the largest production and storage capacities in the Balkans.

Apart from Serbia, we also operate on the markets of Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Hungary, Austria, Slovakia, Czech republic, Germany and Poland .

Together with the production in Slovenia, where Don Don also operates the largest Slovenian bakery Grosuplje, as well as a bakery in Kranj and in Danilovgrad, Montenegro, today it has more than 2,000 employees.

The most modern toast factory in the Balkans is located in our production plant in Kragujevac. We supply toast from Kragujevac to the entire region. Tvojih5minuta toast bread is prepared from carefully selected ingredients, which are combined with naturally fermented wheat sourdough, flour from the finest varieties of cereals, without additives and preservatives. When creating toast recipes, we combined the knowledge of technologists and modern production conditions. The quality of the products has been recognized by buyers of the EU and regional markets and is on the shelves of foreign and domestic retail chains.

We opened the most modern flatbread factory within the production plant in Niš, the only one of its kind in the region, which supplies both the Serbian market and the region. The production of flatbread is fully automated, which enables large capacities.

We are especially proud of the new products plant in Novi Sad. The most important goal of investing in the new production plant is the production of quality, standardized products, made on automatic lines with the application of the highest safety and the best product quality.

Quality Policy

Food quality and safety policy is an integral part of the overall business policy of DON DON D.O.O. In the desire to constantly develop and improve the quality of our products, achieve a highly recognizable brand and market leadership, to understand and meet the needs and expectations of our customers and all stakeholders, as well as to become a trusted partner, we have decided to establish an effective and an efficient food quality and safety management system. This commitment requires the highest quality and safety of products, their continuous improvement and always and full compliance with specified requirements, requirements of laws and regulations and adaptation to the requirements of a growing number of users and continuous improvement and efficiency of food quality and safety management systems.

The task of the Management is to plan and set accessible and measurable goals in all organizational parts, as well as to constantly monitor the achieved and set higher requirements. The management will focus all its efforts on modern technological solutions and equipment, good organization, efficient quality assurance system, professional and capable staff, to achieve product quality and safety according to the requirements of Serbian and international laws and regulations and special customer requirements with timely delivery and the required quantity.

We expect from our suppliers and partners an approach that implies integrity and fairness, as well as establishing a strong partnership in the business relationship in order to improve the quality and safety of products in an efficient manner. We show the same commitment to our customers.

Our success is based on our employees. Every employee knows their work obligations and responsibilities, and they will be able to improve in their profession and to progress in accordance with their abilities and demonstrated work results. We are developing a training program and teamwork that are key to the successful implementation of these standards and to achieving excellence and competitiveness.

We are committed to environmentally sustainable business principles. We are aware that by respecting the principles of preserving the environment in which we operate, we will contribute to a healthier and better quality of life. Compliance with all laws and regulations in the field of environment is the foundation on which we build our performance in nature protection, and we strive to minimize waste to a minimum as well as reduce risk to the environment as a whole.

The Management will constantly review and improve quality and safety policies to ensure that development and operations are in line with the highest requirements of domestic and international standards. Only with such continuous quality and safety of products and services do we have a constant increase in the customer satisfaction of our products.

Company Management

The people who head Don Don set goals in accordance with the principle of quality.Our imperative is to respect standards, norms and instructions, and our greatest reward is customers and consumers who get to know our work, enjoy our products, and trust us every day.

Members of management for Serbia:

Ljiljana Lučić
Executive Director

Srđan Starčević
Executive Director

Ljiljana Savić
Director of Quality Control

Goran Latinčić
Deputy Director for Commercial Affairs

Dragana Pešić
Procurement Director

Danka Milivojević
HR Director

Zoran Glušac
Logistics Director

Snežana Jakovljević
Head of Finance and Accounting

Bojan Obradović
Director of IT Sector

Vanja Vujadinović
Head of Administration

Čedomir Mrkić
Production Director

Srđan Brcanski
Director of Marketing & New Product Development

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