There is nothing more beautiful than a morning that starts with the smell of fresh homemade bread. Our grandmothers, the unsurpassed masters of their craft, knew that best, whose traditional recipes and rich, full taste of bread can take us back to our childhood in an hour.

Nurturing this tradition, the Don Don Company started in 2013 with the production of homemade, hand-mixed breads with a crispy crust and soft media, just the way our grandmothers used to make them.

These breads are made by hand from sourdough, in the traditional way as bread was once made – the dough ‘rests’ for a long time and fermentation is prolonged. Bread is naturally rich in quality, taste, durability, appearance and smell.

For the needs of production of these types of quality breads, producers grow for Don Don the highest quality varieties of wheat that are ground in their own mill in Zrenjanin, which completes the entire process of complete quality control from field to table.