This bread is produced by a long process of dough growth, using acid – yeast fermentation.

With the addition of naturally fermented sourdough, the process of dough growth is conducted with a very small amount of yeast.

Naturally fermented sourdough, in a biological fusion with yeast, ferments or raises the dough, from which bread is finally obtained by baking.

The dough for this homemade bread also grows in special baskets made of natural wood and is baked on hot patty plates in thermo-oil ovens.

It has a thick and crunchy crust, rustic and non-industrial looking.

The flour used is semi-white flour type 700 + wheat black flour type 1100 + integral rye flour. The external appearance of the bread is sprinkled with the addition of white wheat semolina on a contrasting dark surface of the bread crust.

The middle of the bread is juicy and stays fresh for a long time, for a light and short bite. Thanks to the rye flour of smaller grinding particles, the structure of the middle of the bread is not rough, but softer and finer.